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An image graphic of the website owner's name - Dalton

Digital Project Specialist



Hi, I'm Dalton Weir and I'm a Digital Project Specialist

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I harness consumer data to inform inclusive, accessible designs that deliver improved customer experiences.

I've worked for 4 years in permanent and freelance positions.

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I love technology, so I try to absorb everything 'digital' I possibly can on and off the job. This love for learning and my desire to create enjoyable, inclusive customer experiences has led to some cool projects and experiments!

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, I went on to study a mixed liberal arts degree in Literature and Digital Media at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. I now live and work in Edinburgh as an Irish citizen. 

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I'm always happy to chat over phone, email, or a hot beverage. Please feel free to reach out via the contact links below or use the contact form at the bottom of the page. You can also click on my photo to download my CV. 

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"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together." ~ Malcolm Forbes

I break down my work into four main categories: web analytics, web accessibility, digital design, and content creation. Whether I'm hired to focus on one of these or collaborate with a team to see a product from start to finish, I bring these complimentary areas together to produce better experiences.

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It's important to collect, control, and interpret company web data effectively. Otherwise, business decisions are driven by opinion instead of true user feedback. I've used analytics architectures across multi-million pound digital estates to increase tracking accuracy and encourage organic and commercial growth. Curious what that looks like? Check out the links below.

Download the 'Analytics Fact Sheet and Service Breakdown' . . .

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Web accessibility is the measure of how easily people with disabilities can use and access digital information online. Following the 2018 legislative mandate, all public sector websites are legally required to audit their websites and report their compliance by September 2020. See how my work as a Web Accessibility Auditor has led to international compliance for the 3rd largest heritage organisation in the UK.

Download the 'Accessibility Fact Sheet and Service Breakdown' . . .

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I've produced content for websites (heavily used CMS and SEO practices), marketing campaigns, social media accounts, blogs, YouTube channels, training programmes and more. With a degree in Literature and Digital Media, I've always been comfortable producing diverse content to suit any situation. Find out how I went from administering a university account of 500 followers to leading Insta stories for an organisation with over 130K followers.

Open Instagram story examples . . . 

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Designing for web is how I demonstrate my other disciplines in a creative way. My design projects range from fun graphic art passion pieces to professional user flows, web designs, and wireframes. I've also consulted on redesigns of apps and sites so that they are more accessible. Have a look at some of my deliverables from the last year!

Open design examples . . . 

My rates vary from project to project as my work varies in technicality, involvement, or demand. When approaching a new project, I supply my clients a tailored pricing package that suits them best.



Below are a few of my projects from the last year, organised by category.

Please note: 'HES' stands for Historic Environment Scotland.

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Historic Environment Scotland logo

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) Analytics Restructure

Before I started, the organisation was using a basic Google Analytics framework on a handful of their websites. By the end of contract, I converted 27 websites to Google Tag Manager, increased tracking granularity by 80%, and codified all processes in a 34 page manual.


Check out a sample from my manual's table of contents in the links below.



I ask and am asked many questions in my professional life. Below, I strive to answer some of them. 🕵️‍♂️

Curious what I'm thinking about most recently? Check out these featured articles (coming soon). . .

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W. Dalton Weir  |  Haymarket, Edinburgh, UK  |

📞 (Phone) +44 (0) 744 490 9463


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Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate your time. Please feel free to send me a note or message using this form, or reach out using the other contacts provided. If you would like a consultation to discuss my rates, send me an email directly. Thanks!